Best Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water – ( 2020 Buyer’s Guide )

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If the water supply of your home is from a well, then you will be must aware of the contaminants which are present in the water. That’s why you need a reliable Best Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water that works overtime to properly filter all the harmful substances & compounds from your well water.

However, finding the best water filter can be difficult and it is not clear how to choose one.

In this shopping guide, we are highlighting 10 top quality water filter pitchers. They are very reliable and high-performance items. They are also rated on high consumer performance, durability, and the best quality. Let’s get started and find some of the right best water filter pitcher for your needs.

Health professionals recommend drinking 6 to 8 cups of water every day. But when water is polluted, adhering to this standard can be dangerous.

Some lucky people have access to water from wells. This water is much safer to drink than ordinary water. Also, it is rich in natural minerals.

Clean water comes from deep wells. But well water can sometimes have a strange taste due to natural minerals such as sulfur.

Because the water comes from the ground well, it is likely to be contaminated with certain substances.

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The Top 10 Best Water Filter For Well Water


1. Clear2o CWS100 Water Filter Pitcher Designed with Quick Connect Technology

Best Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water
If you are looking for a home friendly filtration system, then the Clear 2o Water Filter Pit is a great buy. Starting with the pot, it is 100% BPA free and made of recycled plastic.

It can hold 9 cups clean and ready to drink water. It captures the bottom of the pitcher, so it opens automatically when you get up to pour. It is designed to flow smoothly, but it prevents dirt and dust from entering the filtered water for filtered water consumption.

It doesn’t take long to develop as this model can be connected directly to the faucet, and by using the current water pressure, it allows the water to flow only through the filter. The pitcher can be completed in a minute, which you can call real fast filtering.

It can filter 50 gallons of water before you need a filter. You don’t even have to make a second guess when it comes time to change the filter as it has intelligent filter indicators that will give you a signal to go for maintenance. Reading the screen is also not complicated because if it is green, it still works. Once it’s red, it’s time to make another place.

Potential buyers, however, need to know that the Claire 2o is only compatible with standard taps. The spray will not work, and you must also have a faucet aerator adapter installed. With these two reminders, you should be fine. After all, it’s an excellent investment.

Most households have a standard tonic anyway, so make the most of the benefits of Clean 2. It is economical, efficient, and reliable, so consider it better the next time you are looking for a water filter pitcher.


Pros & Cons About Best Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water

  • Intelligent filter indicator
  • BPA free
  • Filters 40 gallons of water before the need to replace
  • 11 8-oz. glasses of clean water in one pitcher
  • Solid block carbon filter
  • It is only compatible with a standard faucet, and the hose is only 9 inches long

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2. PUR CR1100CV Classic Water Filter Pitcher – 11 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

An established company is a reliable source of potable and safe water, and the classic PUR water filter pitcher is perfect for homes. It can offer 11 glasses of 8 oz water, and the filter can process 40 gallons of water before you need to replace it. Don’t worry though it’s coming.

Its design includes a simple grip handle and lit to make refilling easier. The materials used in this product are also BPA free, and both the filter and the pitcher are recyclable. It is also compact so that it can fit comfortably without occupying half the space inside your fridge. You can proudly place it just on your countertop, and it will set up your kitchen well.

I believe that what sets it apart from other filters is the use of Maxon filter technology, where 96% of mercury, 94% of pharmaceuticals, and 95% of industrial pollutants are removed. It also reduces the odor and taste of chlorine.

The filter itself is unique because it is made of heat-treated coconut shells. Combined with the use of an activated carbon filter that helps reduce mercury, zinc, and lead. You are guaranteed clean and fresh water every time.
I like how economical and people-friendly it is. At its cost, it is accessible to as many people as possible who can use it as an alternative source of clean and healthy water.

I would say that the only downside to the PRCR1100CV11 Cup Filtration Pitcher is that it is heavily loaded when full. It will also help if you have more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. In all, five stars are found. Although heavy on completion, adjustments can be made anyway.

You have the option not to fill it out. This is a small disadvantage when you compare it with all the benefits you can get from it.


 Pros & Cons About Pur Water Dispenser

  • Budget-friendly
  • BPA free
  • Filters 40 gallons of water before the need to replace
  • 11 8-oz. glasses of clean water in one pitcher
  • MAXION filter technology
  • Heavyweight when full

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3. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher – Long Lasting 150 Gallons – Best Water Filter Pitcher

An important place for every home is the Nikki water filter pitcher worth the money and where you can’t go wrong.

The filters used in this jug have been certified to pass industry standards for quality and performance so that whenever you pour water from this jug, you can get peace of mind of clean and safe water.

The WQA has confirmed that the Nikki filter can effectively remove water impurities unless it needs to be replaced. The amount of filtered water is 300 to 400% higher than other filters available in the market.

Besides, Nikki’s filter is integrated with Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber technology for its reliability. This is because this technology is 10-12 times more efficient than other market-provided filters. It is commonly used in medicine and the military, but you can get it at home.

The overall aesthetics are also smart and competitive with a modern look while using premium FDA approved and BPA free ABS plastic. It is enduring, and it will stay with your family for years and years to come. With its latest compact design, you can easily store it in space, confine it to areas such as refrigerator doors, place it on your countertop and let it do its work.

The Nikki Water Filter pitcher can hold up to 7 cups of water, making it perfect not only for home use but also for offices and restaurants. Undoubtedly the cost of bottled water is a cost-effective alternative water solution.

On ups and downs, you need some time to fill the reservoir with water as the water flows through the lid’s circular hole. Even owning one is still beyond to reach of an average person. Overall, the Nikkei is an excellent purchase, and there’s no reason not to buy this product within minutes of filling it out because it’s reliable and durable.



Pros & Cons About Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

  • Budget-friendly
  • Filter capacity of 150 gallons before replacement
  • 3 liters of filtered water for every minute
  • ACF water filtration system
  • FDA approved and BPA free ABS plastic
  • It takes time to fill the pitcher due to the water passage hole

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4. pH REFRESH Alkaline Water Pitcher With Long-Life Filter – Alkaline Water Filter

With its massive water filter capacity of 1500 cups or 96 gallons of water, if you can only imagine how many store-bought water bottles you would not need at home, you will realize how much you need.

With the promise of clean and safe water, this water jug ​​filters out all impurities of water and particles like dust and sand. It removes all the taste and odor of chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, and other heavy metals. Part of its filtration process is to eliminate the negative potentials of the water. It produces high antioxidant water where free radicals are neutralized, and all this happens at the cellular level.

It does the ultimate job of purifying the water. Yet, at the same time, it also helps to raise the water pH level to 10 and to help produce small molecular-sized ionized water. If water can be healthy, you can relax.

I like the design of this pot. It’s so modern that you want to see it for everyone. In addition to what it looks like, it also has a lid that is easy to lift and fill. It also comes with the best quality digital gauge, so you’re at the top of the filter replacement.

Another reason to recommend this filter pitcher is to be generously supported in its philanthropic work. The company believes that I should have access to clean and tidy water, but this is not the case. With every purchase of this best quality product, a portion goes to a charity that helps build sustainable water resources for those who need it.

One thing that can be improved is the lid because for the extra help you need to cover it with your hands so that everything does not fall off. It can save you money and money. It will further help to maintain the lid. All the benefits of this filtering jug will be minimized. With a big reason and a lot of promising features of this portable filter in a jar, you can’t go wrong.


Pros & Cons About Alkaline Water Filter

  • Budget-friendly
  • Purchase with a cause
  • Huge capacity
  • Cool design
  • Filters 96 gallons before replacement
  • Additional hand support on the lid

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5. Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher with Long-Lasting Anti-Oxidizing Cost-Effective Filter

For those looking for a filtration system with advanced components and materials, water recovery water is your best option. Perf best for home use, it aims to be easy to use with a lid that extends to the handle.

Therefore, it allows the thumb’s natural location to hold the lid on and keep the lid closed to avoid spraying. Not spreading means no mess, and mess doesn’t mean disappointment.

The filters used in this 3.5-liter jar are BPA free as certified by the US Laboratory. It is also SGS certified, so you can be sure that the food you have put into your body or used for cooking is clean. It has gone through the process of effectively eliminating harmful pollutants.

These impurities are not limited to chlorine but also heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. It uses alkaline mineral balls, ion exchange resins, activated catalytic carbon, FIR balls, and mineral cleansers to improve the amount of water that tastes better in just a few minutes. Whether you shop for a glass water filter jug, you may want to consider it.

What I find unique about a rehabilitated water system is that it is not just a water purifier because it removes impurities. It also contains natural and healthy alkalizing metals. It is responsible for the release of adequate amounts of potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. These elements soften hard water, and as a result, you get smooth and clean water that is safe for you.

I also recommend it because it works well with the budget. A filter is good for 75 days, and the same screen would have produced 79 gallons of consumption. The overall design has been at your service for many years.

While this is a promising and reasonable measure for home use, the slightly disappointing fact is, you may need to unlock the filter. I would say that the benefits of this product are sometimes off the screen. Overall, I liked how the system works with simplicity and efficiency.


Pros & Cons About Reshape Water Filter

  • User-friendly design
  • NSF certified specialized catalytic activated carbon
  • BPA free
  • Filter life of 75 day
  • Easy to clean
  • The filter needs removal occasionally to avoid too much clogging

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6. Brita Water Pitcher – Best Jug Water Filter

BPA Free, Bertha Metro Pitch is perfect for solo individuals or small families. Its total capacity is 2 liters, and it is recommended to use water daily for each person. This process takes about 5 minutes in tap water to complete and is safe to drink.

I like how easy it is and how much space is saved. The latest slim design allows it to fit anywhere in the fridge or on your counter. It is not imposed in size and only works in the background. It’s also easy to put and fill. The water pitcher comes with a filter recommended being converted into every 40 gallons of water.

Typically, it takes about two months to use but can be changed first if necessary. Additionally, the pitcher has an LCD filter replacement that can be used to track the number of oils to notify you if it is time to replace the filter.

Although small, it can reduce water pollution such as the smell and taste of chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc, and cadmium contaminants commonly found in your tap water.

Use is also straightforward and less than five steps. First, you have to flush the filter with cold water for about 15 seconds, and then you have to put it in the reservoir. Proceed to add tap water. Note that the first three jars that are filtered may contain carbon dust, so it is best to dispose of it. After that, the filtered water is ready for safe use.

It can be challenging to put a single downer lid on an entire Britta Metro pitcher as lifting the whole thing will require pouring water under the tank. I would still say that despite some challenges with the lid, it is still a great purchase. It works, and it is economical and a sound filtration system that backs up every home.


Pros & Cons About Best Brita Water Filter

  • BPA free
  • 2L of filtered water in 5 minutes
  • Ergonomically designed
  • LCD indicator for filter replacement
  • Filter longevity of about two months
  • The lid is a challenge to put on and off

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7. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher – Guaranteed to Remove More Contaminants Than the Top 5 Leading Brands Combined

The model filtered is portable water filtration systems that are not a recognizable brand. However, it does provide products that come close or even outperform well-known brands. One such product is a filtered water jug.

One of the critical areas that are filtered is its filtration capacity. Thus, we had to run a series of tests to confirm the company’s claim. Our experiments show that a filter for purifying clean water is useful in reducing potential contamination by close to 200. This is close to the company’s claims.

Our findings are significant because the other products we’ve tested can only eliminate one hundred or more harmful compounds. This clean filter is an excellent choice for families who want to ensure clean drinking water for every household member.

The pitcher also comes with a quality certificate that guarantees product performance. The company also supports a lifetime guarantee.

This does not mean that it is filtered and does not have its own set of flaws. First, the filter has a capacity of only 100 gallons. While this number sounds good, real-world usage often translates into lower statistics. Second, we found the rope in the pot that we experimented with. When you pour water into a glass, a jug of water should prevent water from leaking from the lid’s sides. The filtered design detects the error.

Although these defects can be real problems for some people, clearly filtered water filter pitchers are still the choice of many people. It provides safe, odorless, and high tasting water for everyone. It does not matter if your water comes from a well. Filtered water offers the way you should drink water.


Pros & Cons About Clearly Water Filter

  • Durable and safe pitcher materials
  • Comes with ANSI and NSF certifications for quality
  • Removes more than 230 harmful metals and chemicals
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Good customer service
  • Filter capacity not as significant as other brands

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8. Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher – Best Seychelle Water Filter

Which water filter jug ​​removes the most contaminants? This is a question for people who are shopping for a water filter jug. People with diabetes mellitus, high blood cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure may benefit from drinking water with a higher pH than usual.

Alkaline water can also be beneficial for people with acidosis. If you have any of these conditions, you may want to have a permanent supply of alkaline water. The best product for this is the Seychelles PH20 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher.

There are many things we like about Seattle PH20. One is the ability to increase the pH of drinking water. Although our tests have shown that the pitcher’s pH lifting technology does not produce a very high range pH of 14, it does increase it to a more acceptable level of 8 to 8.8. This is enough for people who have certain health conditions and who need alkaline water.

Another notable feature of Seychelles pH20 is its ability to remove various compounds that can make water unsafe to drink. The result is excellent water that is fresher to drink, more pleasant, and cleaner. We also like the slim profile of the pitcher, which makes storage much more comfortable.

We have a couple about Seychelles PH20. One is that it has a smaller watch capacity than others in the market. This is not a contract breaker, especially if you have a small family. The second problem is the design of the pot. The water first enters the chamber under the lid. This is where the filtration process takes place. Unfortunately, you have to empty the water in this chamber before you can pour it into a glass.

These are not important issues. Importantly, Seychelles pH20 can solve two things. One can reduce the level of harmful chemicals and harmful ingredients in your good water. Second, it can increase the pH of the water to give you more alkaline drinks.

Pros & Cons About Best Water Filter

  • More effective in the removal of more water contaminants
  • Produces alkaline water for more health benefits
  • High-capacity water filter for more extended use
  • Good quality construction
  • Space saving design
  • Smaller pitcher capacity than other brands

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9. Best Brita Everyday Pitcher with 1 Longlast Filter, Large 10 Cup, Turquoise

Very few brands of water filtration systems can rely on Bertha. Although the German company is known for its commercial products, it is well established among homeowners. The family gets their water out. They can rely on the family to provide a drink that is safe and fresh.

The Berta Eddy Day Pitcher includes the brand’s long-list filter that can guarantee far more filtration capabilities than its standard water filter. Water tests using Erie Day Pitcher confirmed the brand’s claims of low-level pollution. These compounds include cadmium, copper, chlorine, and mercury. These molecules are well found in large quantities in water.

The pitcher also has a sleek design. This allows you to put a daily jug on the side shelf of your fridge. We consider this to be a useful feature as most brand jars may not fit the side shelves’ narrow space. They must be placed on the ledge of the main compartment of the refrigerator.

Another innovation we like about the daily jar is the filter change sticker. | It replaces the more high-tech filter replacement reminder that high-end Berta products have. At the very least, you’ll have a way of knowing when to replace filters.

Unfortunately, Bertha chose to use plastic instead of high-premium materials in the manufacture of her everyday pot. This gives the product a very cheap feel. The pitcher looks very broken and does not make a safe seal to open its lid.

This Britta product can be a real lifesaver if you care about handling the pot daily. It can provide you with clean water to taste and drink. The design is also minimal compared to other brands, which allows you to save valuable space in your refrigerator.


Pros & Cons About Best Everyday Water Filter

  • Comes with appropriate third-party quality certifications
  • Reduces the levels of contaminants in the water a lot better than other brands
  • Space-saving design to fit the side shelves of refrigerators
  • Long filter service life
  • Comes with filter change indicator sticker
  • The pitcher has a cheap plastic feel to it

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