Best Countertop Water Filter Pitcher – ( 2020 Buyer’s Guide )

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Best Countertop Water Filter Pitcher has become commonplace on American countertops. They are generally portable, easy to use, and require very minimal maintenance. It will also give them some advantages over large filtration systems, such as under sinks or whole house filters.

Similarly, the quality of these water filter pitchers can vary significantly between these different brands. Here in this article, we will guide you through finding the Best Countertop Water Filter Pitcher ​​for your home.

A quick way to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water is to use a water filtered pitcher. They are easy to use and pour the tap water into the water filter pitcher and keep it in the fridge. When the water goes through the water filter and into the main reservoir, some water filter pitchers take few minutes to filter the water, while some take only 30 seconds.


Best Water Filter Pitchers

1. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher – Best Countertop Water Filter Pitcher

Best Countertop Water Filter PitcherWith a filter that exceeds NSF standards 42 and 53, and a capacity of 150 gallons, this eight-cup Aquarius pitcher was a natural choice.
This jug belongs to the rich spectrum of water jugs, and it offers the features you would expect for the best result.

It comes with an American made filter that has been certified by various independent ISO labs to remove multiple contaminants but is not limited to, fluoride, chromium 6, chloramines, mercury, arsenic, and chlorine.

The company also tested it in 2016 with the infamous Harmful Water in Flint, Michigan. According to lab test results, Aquiger’s new filter has brought unsafe levels of lead and copper to an unrecognizable degree. This is very impressive for such a screen. However, relying on these contaminated filters is not the most significant idea when pollution is harmful.

Not only is it efficient, but the filter also has an impressive capability. It can filter up to 150 gallons of water before a replacement is needed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t require a filter life indicator, but you can get it with a little calculation.

Theoretically, if each person drank half a gallon of water approximately 2 liters a day, it would serve three for more than three months. Though most people probably don’t need a lot of water every day. Also, other sources of milk, coffee, other beverages, and foods may provide hydration.

According to some estimates, it should last about five or six months. Of course, mileage will vary from house to house. To get the exact number, note how many times you and your family members refill it every day, and do all the calculations yourself. Note that it can hold up to half of a gallon of filtered water at a time.

You also remember that, if you have a small household or do not use the pitcher much, we recommend replacing the filter before the sixth-month mark. There is a subscription program that you can join to be provided with a replacement every few months.

The jug seems basic and functional, but it’s made of FDA-approved food-grade plastic and is BPA free. If you care about staying green, this pot is the right choice because it is 100% recyclable. According to the manufacturer, it is also a vegetarian, although we do not believe it is significant in the world of plastic pots.


Pros & Cons Of Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

  • Long lasting filter
  • BPA free materials
  • Sturdy
  • Certified against NSF 42 and 53 standards
  • Include warranty
  • Little expensive
  • No indicator


2. Brita 42629 Slim Water Filter Pitcher – Jug Water Filter Pitcher

Are we looking for a small pitcher that will provide you with quality water without much countertop or fridge or space? Check out the Britta Slim Five Cup filter pitcher.

Like the rest of the brand, the filter that comes with Britta Slim is NSF certified to enhance drinking water aesthetics, meaning it tastes better. It has a useful life of only 40 gallons, but the pitcher is also compatible with a 120-gallon extended last filter if you want to buy less change.

The stock is small to five cups, so it’s perfect for a household of just one or two people.

As its name suggests, the Bertha Slim Jug is well, thin. The design allows it to fit comfortably in your refrigerator or door, not the case with most other jars. The jug has a BPA-free plastic shell and is so light that you can fill it and hold it with one hand. It’s easier on your wrist, but it also means the round looks weaker.

The jug has a semi-ergonomic handle for secure handling, but other than that, its design is nothing to write home. This is very good when it comes to cleaning. There is no indication of filter life, so you will need to keep notes when changing. You can join their purchase program to send you replacement filters at intervals of their choice automatically.


Pros & Cons Of Brita Water Filter

  • Free from BPA
  • Simple & easy to clean design
  • Small & fits inside fridge
  • NSF certified
  • Affordable
  • No indicator


3. ZeroWater ZP-010 – Best water filter pitcher for well water

Slightly larger than Aquarius, and 99 NSF 53-certified for removing lead and chromium in tap water, Zero Water ZP010 is a reliable water jug ​​for families of two to four people.

The Zero Water ZP010 comes with an excellent five-stage filter that can remove anything from dust and algae to pesticides, herbs, mercury, chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals. The NSF confirms its effectiveness in reducing lead and chromium. This is a breakthrough that is rarely seen in other marketable filters.

Zero Water ZP010 is also due to the Total Dissolution Solid (TDS) meter attached to its lid. This allows you to measure and compare water before and after filtration. Although the TDS level is more of an aesthetic indicator than the legal standard of drinking water, it can at least provide you an idea of ​​whether the filter is working correctly.

This way, you can change the filter. It can test water quality. This is a more accurate method than past calendar time or water mileage.

The downside of the Zerowater filter is that, while eliminating inorganic and organic pollutants, it removes solids and responsible for the sweetness in natural water. Your drinking water sometimes has a slightly sour taste, similar to reverse osmosis (RO) water.

The pitcher is made of BPA free material and has a smooth, simple design that is advantageous when it comes to cleaning. It holds more than 10 cups, or one gallon of water at a time. However, one design flaw is that the upper reservoir is only a quarter of the lower reservoir’s size. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

With the addition of filters and TDS meters, the Zero Water ZP010 is still a very affordable pitcher. If you don’t mind frequent refilling and flavoring after filtration, this is a good option.


Pros & Cons About Of Countertop Water Filter Pitcher

  • Include TDS meter
  • NSF certified to remove lead & chromium
  • Reduces TDS
  • BPA free materials
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Taste issue


4. Invigorated Water Filter Review – Invigorated Water Filter

With a multi-stage filter that can handle 96 gallons of water in its lifetime, the integrated pitcher is an excellent choice for a household of three to five people looking for an easy-drinking water solution.

Dynamic gives you the most filter choices: you can use the included filter, PH001, which is excellent. You can combine it with PH002, which you will have to buy separately for better results.

The pH1001 has a pair of micronutrients combined with layers of jouleite, activated coconut carbon charcoal, and ion exchange resin. They remove visible particles and various heavy metals such as lead, copper, arsenic, and mercury.

The filter stack also contains stone and ceramic pellets, which reproduce some of the beneficial minerals that the water filter removes from your tap’s water. It also makes it more alkaline. This water filter can handle up to 96 gallons of water in its lifetime.

The PH002 is an ultrafiltration super membrane filter with pores as small as 0.01 microns. For the comparison, the minor things that the eye of a human can see are 40 up to microns. This water filter can remove 99.9% of all organic and inorganic substances from water.

Otherwise, the results may vary depending on the quality of the water you consume, many users report that they notice the best significant improvement in the water’s taste and smell after going through the filter. Better it can filter 264 gallons before the replacement.

According to Integrated, all filtration materials used are NSF certified, but they are not filters themselves as of this writing.

The pitcher is made up of BPA-free, clear plastic. The lid has a flexible flap that opens under pressure. You do not need to remove the top when you add water. There is also a digital timer on the lid that deviates from the number you set each day. It runs on an unchanged battery, but according to our conversation with the company, they will be pleased to provide you a new one upon request.


Pros & Cons About Invigorated Alkaline Water Filter

  • BPA free & SGS Certified
  • NSF certified materials
  • Multi stage filter for clean alkaline water
  • Can combine with separate membrane to enhance results
  • Smart lid
  • Filter life indicator
  • Little expensive


5. PUR Water Dispenser – Best water filter pitcher for fluoride

If your household consumes are more than two gallons of drinking water a day, the filter jig becomes as big as an eighteen cup per water dispenser.

This is a good quality big alkaline water filter pitcher. This is an excellent looking countertop water filter pitcher.

It is perfect for all kinds of families.

Its capacity is 2.6 gallons or 12.5 liters. The color of this water filter is white. The product measures 15 x 12 x 9 inches and weighs 6.69 pounds. Its size is 3F.

This recharging alkaline water filter ionizer is much longer than our competition. This water filter’s filtering capacity is 1500 cups or 360 liters or 96 gallons per PH001 filter. This water filter ionizer saves up to 720 bottles of filtered water. Just this water filter ionizer is saving $ 1080 per bottle at an average price of 50 1.50.

This water filter ionizer has 3 X PH001 multi-stage alkaline water filters. This water filter ionizer can raise the pH to 10. It also increases ORP and perfectly ionizes drinking water. This water filter ionizer remineralization adds many useful minerals, such as selenium and calcium.

This water filter ionizer also contains fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine for better health for you and your family.

This water filter ionizer filters heavy metals in tap water and gives your water a great taste. It also removes odors and makes the watercolor better and more transparent.

This water filter ionizer fits on any counter without the need to connect the machine to any faucet or faucet. It fits comfortably on the shelf of the fridge at the home, office, or anywhere. This water filter is made of premium material. It is a BPA free water filter ionizer and is certified by SGS, RoHS, TUV, BSI, ISO 9001: 2000 member of Water Quality Association.

Add our secret weapon PH002 Ultra Filtration (UF) and membrane filter. It will be sold separately and take your water filtration to the next level.

We are proud of our proprietary PH001 best filter synthesis. This best countertop water filter is made from high-quality materials with great benefits for you and your family.



Pros & Cons About Best Countertop Water Filter Pitcher

  • BPA free
  • Improves water taste and smell
  • Large capacity
  • Convenient tap
  • Slim design, fits in fridge
  • Affordable
  • Zero Cons

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